a b c a b c a b c

She doesn't know what comes after.
So we begin again:

a b c a b c a b c

But I can see the fourth letter:
a strand of black hair --- unraveled
from the alphabet
& written
on her cheek.

Even now the nail salon
will not leave her: isopropyle acetate,
ethyl acetate, chloride, sodium lauryl
sulfate & sweat fuming
through her pink
I ❤️️ NY t-shirt
a b c a b c a -- the pencil snaps.

The b bursting its belly
as dark dust blows
through a blue-lined sky.

Don't move, she says, as she picks
a wing bone of graphite
from the yellow carcass, slides it back
between my fingers.
Again. & again

I see it: The strand of hair lifting
from her face... how it fell
onto the page -- & lived
with no sound. Like a word.
I still hear it.

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About "The Gift"

doesnt have lines and stanzas jumping from place to place like the other poems in his book. italics gives the readers an idea of what is being said out loud
- family
- memories/ nostalgia
Could link to the difficulties and struggles of migrating. eg: the mother struggling with the language barrier after moving to America from Vietnam
Lines 1-9 and lines 16-24: gives an image from his childhood

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