Ill City Quenched


Intro :
I'm reppin' mothafuckin', Ill City
Ya dig?

Verse 1 :
Thirsty bitches comin' at me, still fresh (aye)
I'mma rent a benz
Mislead hoes, of what I get
No commas on the check
No 'preme but got the deck
Young Jetlagg still quenched
From all the liquor
East Region Illa
Only middle fingers out to the camera
Cause, the public don't fuck with the kid
Sippin' Scotch neat while the homies Gin
They, never heard of lean or OG Jin
Actin' nice, might as well, suck this dick
Hatchin' lies, but fine as hell, Lucy tricks
Just do me bitch, then go to church, and say Communion snitch
There's a difference, between guilty and innocence
Hook :
Liver on the ropes (liver on the ropes)
Liquor got me broke (liquor got me broke)
Homie wasted, time to clean the floor
4 A.M. yet, we walking by the road
The more, bottles I sip
The more, sober I get
Ill, City relieves stress
Home, never felt best

Verse 2 :
As you try to get a bodybag funny how
I'm trynna rid a bag of bodies man
Pro'lly get an email sent
Random box to your doorstep
UPS this USP don't forget the Dash and the S (soulo)
The silent assassin
Carpet all red, Aladdin
Marks on ya head and manage
To pull the trigger
Bout to clean this shit up by myself, the caregiver
Featherweight, cause I'm runnin' rap but watch the liver (aye)
J, got insta-grams you got the picture?
Steal my daddy's liquor from the cabinet
To drink my sorrows away
To keep the demons at bay
All hail the
Buttery flow, nastier than airplane food
I guillotine, amateurs with snowball tools and fruity loops
Outro :
Oh no, oh woa oa oa oah
Why don't you save me later?
Flow got so many layers
Oh no you got me anxious
Oh no you got me anxious
Aquarium drown me later

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