Verse 1 :
Rap's Renaissance with the repertoire
Snatch attentions so you catch the lessons with this eagle claw
Jetlagg has no Cadillac to brag to cats
Toyota cars that respect art, as rappers
Student to the game
Don't label whippersnappers
I'm on your radar check yourself from front to backwards
Busy buying beige while he's out trynna meditate to levitate
To reach the game as he reaches fame they'll?
Take easy feathers
Just avoid industries Jerry Hellers
Cause of death, through the lead, of this pen
Eaten up by poetry and? He'll die just slower
Rest with pieces
Parallel Universe? Piranhas fish him
I do my sins at church, different world
And I'm commanding birth
Stay Red Alert, as
Snakes trynna go up these ladders
Your neck went backwards, when I?
A.I crossed your favorite rapper

Verse 2 :
Let him fix that with the David Blaine hands
Legend taught me with his Iron-made Mask
They slept on the villain, now he sent the Wyncham
Wait, let me take it back
They slept on the villain, now he sent the Wyncham
He forgot to mention, it's his secret weapon
Third world reppin, ugh
Girls go stretchin... At yoga
Blood got us six sensin' that's cobras
Let it stream through the aqueducts we Romans
(but as they went through they couldn't come back home cause)

Verse 3 :
The river current is different
When the wind hits the surface
Nothin' to do only flow with
Force of nature with torment
Make you feel like you homeless
Don't bite this flow and say I stole it
Cause you been strugglin' tips
With your stupid signs you impatient bitch
Play pretend, you? Only purchase
Dollar bills for private strips
And get nervous
Don't question my purpose I curse you in cursive and burn prints of your worst work bitch (ugh)

Outro :
Lemme simmer down, Lemme simmer down
Let my shit, simmer down simmer down simmer down
Yo Telemakus, Tell em what it do
Tell em what it do tell em what it do

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