Matt Pless

Dirty Needles


This one goes out to every Romeo who's wasting his time
Waiting for the junkie angels in the Juliet line
Where Pandora's primping pupils paint the perfect Monet
Hanging locked away and lonesome next to Dorian Gray
And as the poison drains my mind
It leaves me wondering why I can't find
A remedy that suits me well as you
It's true, my baby's born to lose

Because she's bringing out the worst in me
But does the best she can
She's casting off the lifeboats
While I'm sinking as she swims
And I've found myself a lover who'd be better as a friend
Cause she plays with dirty needles and she's in my arms again
She's from the wrong side of the track marks
And I'm setting my sights
On a candy-coated ticket to the train wreck tonight
So I jumped a wallet rehab bound three sheets to the wind
While her fire feeds the fever flaming under my skin
And as the twinkle fades my eyes
It shapes a face I hardly recognize
She hides behind the boiling silver spoons
Confused, like one who's been abused

Because she's dancing 'round the disco lights
Takes pride in all my shame
The conscience points the fingers
When there's no one left to blame
Then I'll stop and ask in silence if the pleasure's worth the pain
Cause she plays with dirty needles and she does it all in vain

Black clouds, blue skies
Little white-line lies
Laugh out loud while the river rolls 'round
Cure for boredom, habit forming
Up all night while the river rolls 'round
And when the tourniquet unwinds
And all the toxic phantoms run and hide
From twelve-step fathers juggling the truth
No use, I had to cut her loose
She said "A woman is the open wound that vexes every man"
Then softly kissed her scorpion and placed it in my hand
Then she locked me in her magic lamp
My wish is her demand
Cause she plays with dirty needles
And she fits the glass syringe
Cause she plays with dirty needles
And she's in my arms again

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