Intro :
Last track, Jetlagg
(you better not skip to this part, bitch)

Verse 1 :
It's the year 2080
He's out here slaying cold-beasts
Retain the rawest era
Jetlagg on his katana
Bitch, it's cooler than Manga
No guns, just one-on-ones
Main scenery Anakin versus Obi-wan
Kenobi, Learned Karate
Main tutor Miyage
Crane Kick higher than Everest and Mt. Fuji
As myths be told
Pre-man bun
Wears blind-fold
Towns be closed
Verse 2 :
And he's more swift than Usain Bolt
As leaves fly through the wind
He slices bamboo sticks
To clear pathways in darkness
Ryhmes, that no one can harness
Jetlagg is the last prophet
Next in throne for the crown-bitch
Don't deny it

Bridge :
Don't deny it
Don't deny it
Next in throne for the crown bitch
Don't Deny it

Verse 3:
I ain't leaving till I see blood on the floor
Snakes head at your door sliced by the sword of Griffindor
Legend chromosomes at its finest, nickname your highness
Chameleon when changing flow climates
I'm 10 steps ahead, rap lane is a mad game of chess
You gotta sacrifice your queen to win in the end
I'm not a hero, I'm no villain
Jetlagg is just a way of livin

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