Yung Hurt



Yeah man i be rockin
Thousand dollar shoppin
See it then im coppin
Nigga aint no stoppin
I be gettin gwap man
Gettin to the gwap man
Sittin at the top man
And i got my mop man
Shawty wanna be with me but i tell her to stop bro
I don't do that no mo
Ain't fuckin with no broke ho
New number bitch don't you call me on my cell phone
Say she fell in love though
I ain't feel no love though
I ain't feel no love no
I don't wanna fuck hoe
I just want the money
I really like your butt though
I don't feel no love so
Imma do some drugs bro
I don't have no friends
I'm getting to the bucks though
To the bucks (Repeated)

Ain't nobody show me love hoe
Smokin gas above hoe
I will never love hoe
Smokin on them drugs hoe
What the fuck you love hoe
I don't fuckin love hoe
I dont fuckin love no
Gettin to the drugs hoe
Gettin to the bucks hoe
Spendin all the bucks bro
Man i got them bucks bro
See me you get fucked hoe
I don't wanna lie no
I don't wanna lie no no
I don't like you
I don't like you
You don't like me
I don't like you no
I hate you
I don't wanna date you
I'm gettin gwap
I'm gettin gwap
Yeah yeah yeah (Repeated)

*Improvisation* To The Gwap Ooo Yeah Get The Gwap yeah ooo mmm

(Repeat Half of Verse 1)

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About "Rockin"

New song by Yung Hurt called Rockin. Released early 2017

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