[Verse 1]
Time don’t mean nothing if you waste it
Good advice is gonna cost you
A little effort’s always free
And me I’m only here
To train my replacement
But for now I’m gonna make it
All come home to me
Rather than setting off in pursuit of a warm enemy

[Verse 2]
It sure seems we got off on the wrong foot
You betting that your gift horse
Had a mouth full of rotten teeth
Me I’ve never been much if not persistent
Slow waltzing all my burdens
On down to the sea
Resisting every urge of my warm enemy
[Verse 3]
Well you're packing up you're bags
Suitcase full of rags and you're going
Don’t even try to be discrete tell them
There’s nothing you don’t know
Thats still worth knowing
But you can’t survive on bread alone
Yet can you baby, I said no

[Verse 4]
Well it looks like we’ve come to an impasse
End game or a stale mate go on and take your pick
Not as easy to see through sand as it is glass
But for that to ever happen we’re gonna need a little heat
So I’ll wait out a retreat from my warm enemy
Then I’ll intercept the fleet of my warm enemy
Not surrender but defeat for my sweet warm enemy

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