I've been a train wreck ever since the day, you walked into my life. I'm sick of being broken down and tossed aside. Maybe one day you'll see, when you're done with all the boys you meet, that you fucked up and there's no going back. Not this time

I've given up on you for good this time, after giving up too much for you in my life. "It's not the same" she said, well I never want to see your face again, I'm not giving in, I'm giving up it's different

I guess you didn't get the feelings that I tried hard to convey. You didn't get what the silence meant when I didn't know what to say

Now you've found better ways to spend your time, while I sit at home, and you deconstruct my mind

Get out of my head, I can't do this again, I distanced myself with the hope that I could handle it. I watched myself cave in. I haven't been the same since

I say I hate you just to keep up appearances, I play it off because I'm scared of you happy with him

Hang your head
You'll do your best to forget
The fact that I exist
And while you've got your friends
I'll fade away again

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About "Hang Your Head"

This is the first single to be released off of the EP “What the Silence Meant”

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