Well the Salvation Army comes to Soho
Repent or down you'll go
Well they play their trumpets for the Lord
The Lord said "Let thy people go"
On the first day we ate apples
Ate apples from a tree
That's where the trouble started
They belonged to God, you see

Salvation Army comes to Soho
Eating apples from God
Well we never liked Him, anyway
He's a miserable sod
Well the Salvation Army goes to Soho
Well, Satan cuts a deal
Send the whores up to heaven
Where those angels they will fear
On the third day we're cast out
In Eden we don't play
But the angels now, of gods and whores
They'll be off their feet for days
The Salvation Army's in Soho
Well Lord, those angels go
They mainline on stardust
The whores the angels blow

On the fourth day, Lord
Let the people buy
A deal with drug dealers
And them you supply
On the fifth day the whores
They keep God sucked dry
But the stardust dealers, well
They always want to buy

Salvation Army in Soho
On stardust they are high
You can sell your stardust to the junkies
Endless is the supply
God allmighty's supply
Never it runs dry

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