The Tiger Lillies

You Wouldn’t Know


How do we stop the world?
Save the very poor?
I wouldn't know
How do we save the pushers, thieves, and whores?
Well I wouldn't know
And how do we save the starving?
Well I wouldn't know
How do we make their crops grow?
Oh I wouldn't know

Well you stare into the camera and shout
Without a trace of doubt, oh
Well how do we stop the violence, the hate, and the wars?
I wouldn't know
Well how do we stop disease and famine?
Oh and [?]

You're a cultural icon
You hit the high notes
You're the best one ever
Would get lots of votes
So what is it like to be the best that's on show?
You wouldn't, you wouldn't
You wouldn't know
Wouldn't know

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