You're drunk on a Monday
You're drunk on Tuesday, too
When you haven't got a drink
You're completely screwed

You're drunk on Wednesday
And Thursday even more
You're lying in a pool of piss
There upon the floor

Well let's drink
Let's drink (x3)
Well Friday is your favourite day
Everyone's the same
Everybody joins you
Crawling down the lane

Saturday's not bad
They're drunk then, too
Some of them are even
As drunk as you

Well let's drink, yeah
Let's drink, yeah (x2)

Sunday, that is really hell
Everyone goes to church and says
You'll go to hell
Well Sunday you drink extra
To the ringing of church bells
And everyone steers clear of you
You're as high as hell

Well let's drink, yeah
Let's drink, yeah
Drink, drink, drink

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