Steve Lacy

Oh nahh


[Verse 1]:
Steve Lacy is killin shit
I'm one nigga that's dealin shit
I'm into icy businesses
You've seen images of my wristses
I flexed up on the judge in court
I told her ass, "Bitch, case dismissed."
And pulled out in Ferrari and my all-denim Versace fit
I'm flexin
Young nigga prolly pulled up in a Lexus
No more stressin
Young nigga pockets lookin like Precious
I'm sending out blessings
When you see that Jesus necklace
I got goons that do own choppas
You can be added to the checklist
That's crazy, huh?(x8)

[Verse 2]
Back up in this bitch
Like body part up yo ass, huh?
Yeah, I run this shit
But I gotta check cause I got asthma
White hoes, Black hoes
Feel like I own pandas
Keep that gold wrapper on me
I ain't takin no chances
Silly boy, aren't I?
See me in them archives
Nigga you can't turn a thot
Into a housewife
Bass effect on overdrive
I'm shocked as fuck, super surprised
I made this shit sober
But I'm usually fuckin high

That's crazy, huh?(x8)

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