College Kid


Am a college kid who got caught for smoking crack
You know how we do it jst relax sit back chase that
I made the fucking house master have a heart attack
I used to never have dem straight A's

But I show dem boys how to murda fucking dictate
This shit real ain't lying in my verse
I Told you i stole from my mama's purse to record this shit
If you thinking me off here bet your ass ama burst shit

Like a pimple standstill like a nipple
See the rythm in my hair right na like am sisqo
Awilo do the logomba dance what's the deal tho
Come here lets do the disco with the migos

I jack this bitches up! Bring em down alingo
Its presidential flows got me feeling like atiku
Got me caught up in my flows right na like a riddle
Punchlines you can see through thiner than a niddle

Drinking lean thats a nigga goal sweeter than a mango
Fresher than bolingo on this song i don't have an intro bet your ass you ma feel me tho
Bet your ass you ma feel me tho

Lets take it back to the first time in my class
I Was asked a question i failed the whole class laughed
I got so shy i cried my eyes out behind my locker
After class I ran to black my nigga like my brother

Though we didn't get off well we headed down forever
Walking side by side dem niggas u knw for realer
No homo before this rap shit I was popping no promo
Adios amigos am not from Mexico

But i spit that spanish shit when am doing tha limbo
Dancing, Clapping most times in my room i be wanking
Step out in style
Rapping all day make you see the lifestyle

If you think this shit is easy get your fucking ass in line
Cos am taking over this rap shit only a matter of time
Drop bomb on you niggas ha ha you rocking style like
Ricky is this really you, is this really you

Figure out your imaginations, cos this is fucking my time
For real you know I promise to keep it real till am old 52
Got this bitch calling me so we can rendezvous
All the way to the pool catch a swing like  a young nigga

So really you taught it ain't real until we played you men
April fool so a different day a different grind
Get it right
In the studio with Joshy and would be getting high

Cos am a college kid college kid
With Bad hair

Cos am a college kid college kid
With Crooked smile

Cos am a college kid college kid
With Bad hair

Cos am a college kid college kid
With Crooked smile

College kid college kid
One time

College kid college kid
Let me hear you say

College kid College kid
College Kid

BBR oohhh
You know what's up right naa
Where the college kid dey
Omo na me be dis oh
Oya come outside make i trash your nyash
Cos na me be the king
(Boss done show like oshomole)
Philobells on the konsole
One time Omo no time oh


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