From the, From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing
One time

Good morning America, when I write I handle bars, uh
What a beauty of a metaphor, if you ain't get it then this shit is never spit for y'all, uh
What's poppin' good old Germany, my name is Juju just in case you never heard of me, uh
I am disturbent to the ways I speak, yo
Create new life like the birds and bees, check it out, uh
Let me give you just a brief summary, of what you 'bout to hear on these couple songs of me
Main character's a young (?) who wants to be
One MC, steady push and forth on his puns and beats
Have a second on his life (?) need a bas drum (?)

And that's a lifestyle that his father didn't want to see
So he said come to me and son just listen consciously
Out here in this world there's a bunch of peeps
Some will be on their feet working really hard for green
And then you have the ones who always sleep and love to dream
Which one are you, he asked, and then he told his son to leave
Running free, down to see what this world is all about
Now go out and earn your stripes like a bumblebee

Let me flip the script and tell you that this (?) was me
No one there who's funding me, knowing life ain't honeysweet
A humble G, but the sum(?) I eat, when I'm just coming clean with somebody and that one is me
Picture a little nigga young and free, runnin' down these country streets, nothing but his tongue to speak
And in fact, that cat played the trumpet neat
Like there's a beat that got him on his knees, ah
Learned that happiness don't visit you like company
So see, put it right to get growth on your money-tree
And mother chose the one that's just another wannabe
You guys decide, now let's ride yo
Come with me

[Outro] Perdão amor, eu não devia estar falando assim
Amanheceu está chegando ao fim

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About "Introduction"

His mother German, father American: Juju Rogers was born in a little town in Germany. Now he lives in Berlin and has created a chill, unique sound. “Introduction” is a perfect example of the combination of indie and hiphop he makes.

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