[Verse One: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

I be always on my grind with this music
The media company
And the clothing line too
I’m not gonna lie
The journey’s been tough
But I ain’t gonna stop
I’ll keep on moving – till I get to where I’m heading to

Always on my grind – see
I be chasing perfection
The goal is all I can see
Ain’t falling for deception
The vision’s so clear
I’m talking more than three dimension
Hollup! – Gimme a second
Am I struggling with depression?
Why do I feel like
I’ve been blabbing about my progress
A few bars ago
Thought I was bragging ‘bout my focus
But now I’m losing it
Stupid thoughts they be confusing me
The devil’s fooling me
He’s making me feel like a argh…

Ayo! I’m a king
I ain’t gon’ bow to stuff that’s under me
So get behind of me
For real you know I’ve got authority
I know who I am – whose I am
So you can’t step to me
I’m calling on my Dad
I hope you know that you gon’ bow to me

[Hook: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

When the devil wan dey come give us wahala
All we need to do
Is to call on our Father
And they gon’ bow down
Walai all of dem go bow down
[Verse Two: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

You might be going through some troubles
Going through some pains
Kata kata dey disturb you
Your energy sef dey drain
You need to pray more and worry less
Stop to dey stress your brain
Go get your groove on get a new dress
And go dancing in the rain

While you waiting for the Son
He’s gonna come through eventually
Spoiler alert
At the end we’re gonna get victory
He made us a promise when He said
He’s never gonna leave
Stay focused on His greatness
Don’t let the devil intervene

Don’t fall for the mind tricks
The devil’s game’s deceit
Don’t try to compete – on your own
Get rid of self-conceit
Don’t let your mind replete – with
The thoughts the devil’s planted in
The devil’s so petit
And with God he’s gonna face defeat
You’re a King – You’re a Queen
And our God is sovereign
He’s the God over everything
And He forever reigns
He’s the best Dad
That you can ever have
And when the troubles come
Make sure you call on Dad and they gon’ bow
That’s a fact!

[Verse Three: Eazy Bob Wizzy]

They’re gonna bow cause really
They got no choice
See my God’s a biggie
Troubles tremble when they hear His voice
They claiming staunch? – He’ll break their knees
And put ‘em – down to the ground
With their hands up
They gon’ bow to He who wears the crown

My Jesus Christ – is the greatest
Ain’t nobody living in the world that’s greater
He’s never gon’ - forsake us
Whenever you’re feeling like He’s gone – He’s closer
When troubles come just let it go
And hit a homerun like Sammy Sosa
Head to the Father – Who’s the King of kings
And to Him all your troubles gonna bow down

Although we might fall short
He’s gon’ pick us up
And put us back – on the road again
Like we monster trucks
And we gon’ ride high – above ‘em troubles
Jesus be our drugs
And when the devil steps to us
We tell him how it ends

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About "Bow Down"

“Bow Down” is a declaration.
This is me saying I know who I am, whose I am and the power I’ve got, because of my relationship with God.

Every trouble I face has to bow when I call on my (Heavenly) Father.

The song is based on Philippians 2:10

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;”

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