[Verse 1: J Dilla]
Who put the D on the map? Who made it happen?
I'm snappin' and clappin' in my rap
It must be that motherfu- lying to you
Who you tryna fool?
I ain't buying it dude
Just take that shit to another city or something
Cause niggas down here ain't got time for frontin'
If you hear me talkin', man that shit for real
I caught a case and I still hold steel
Shit, if I went down and it's just meant to be
See mentally, that shit'll fuck you up
The last line didn't rhyme, it wasn't supposed...
To rhyme, just remind you 'bout the path I chose
Ya don't do what I do, do what you do
So when you doin' the do, do what you supposed to do
Bitch that's it
Stupid ass lies
That's it (yeah that's it)
Stupid ass lies
That's it
Stupid ass lies

[Verse 2: T3]
This goin' out to the niggas who front
I got a crew that'll bruise you (hmm)
Take you on a walk, say some warm words to ya
Penetrate your heart until your [?] go through
I gotta hold it cause of the stupid shit that you do
I told ya to never to lie, on my crew
But maybe it's the la that made you do what you do
Fix your mouth to say shit that wasn't true
See I knew, that I would have to serve you—your own ass
In some barbecue stew

And that's it
Stupid ass lies
That's it (yeah that's it)
Stupid ass lies
That's it
Stupid ass lies
[Verse 3: Baatin]
It's like cu-cu-cu-cu-cu, Conant Gardens
Put you in my step-era, it's like porsche
Baby we can get to do lunch, Ponderosa
Peek around the [?], on niggas who ain't righteous
Baby I suggest that you, look further
My real name Sorcerer
No other, brother on the planet can do what I do
Have intentions with the ladies, make 'em do what I wanta
All I gotta do is breathe, through ya chakra
Take you on a trip, let me rock you Chaka Khan
So, I wanna do her, take her to a safer place
Conant Garden, cu-cu-cu-cu-cu, Conant Garden
When you tell a lie ya mouth become rotten'

We keep it rockin'
Yuh, we keep it rockin' with the bump-bump
Bump-bump, bump-bump
We make it bump-bump

Bump-bump, bump-bump (8x)

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