Ay Jay

FL Freestyle


[Verse #1 - AyJay]
Never was the type to quit
Never gave up on my passion even right now as I write this shit
Never switch lanes, homies know I like to diss
Never squashin' any beefs bro, Sly's a bitch!
Takin' it back to when it all started, in 5th grade
When I spit completely different than I do to this day
Way before I had a squad, I was workin' by myself
Tried to find a fuckin' plan to be in people's disc trays
I always thought I was ill when I wasn't
Just a young kid before all the pills and the hunnids
But now I make the music all the people feelin' and fuck wit'
I'm the realist to run shit, yeah homie you feel me? Ah, fuck it
I'm like a god and you know it, I write these bars like a poet
This the beginnin' the curtain has just started to open
Y'all be callin' me a dog the way i'm all in the moment
But I got the world in my palm, let's see how far i can throw it

[Verse #2 - AyJay]
Damn, with all the shit that's happened to me, man i'm past done
That's why I pack blunts, only doin' fat ones
Smokin' grass cause, the last month has been the worst
It's like a fuckin' curse but my problems ain't even half done
Broke as fuck and i'm sick and tired of tryna' stack ones
Rap's fun but guarentee it won't get me some mad funds
But relax cause, I ain't here to talk about sad stuff
It's just this bad luck is gonna get my damn ass fucked
How the fuck do you guys think that you climbed to the throne?
I've been in this for 5 years, I could rhyme till i'm cold
So there's no doubt about it when asked if i'm finna blow
Like c'mon, comparin' me to you, it's diamond to stone
I light it up, goddamn bro i'm burnin all my brain cells
Can't stay the same, me and Satan stuck in the same cell
Got nowhere to go, can't go no place else
So i've stayed to myself and been killin' beats since age 12

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