You're tired of the men
Who pretend that they love you
You're tired and you're shot through

On the street doing tricks
That is what you do
You steal and rob them, you screw

In the street the men are passing
And they are passing you
Ask "Do you want a girl to screw?"
Send them to a girl
With instructions what to do
But that flat and that girl are lies, too

Oh clipper blues
Clipper blues

Then you give them a key
Take their money, too
Then the goose chase they do

Well there ain't no room
There ain't no girl, too
But the money, well, that will do

And in Soho call you a clipper
That's what they call you
Clip away money you do

Clip away money
Lying and stealing, too
Well for a living, that's what you do

Clipper blue
Clipper blue
And if they come back
Screaming and cursing you
Well you'll use your right hook, too

You learn through the years
Fight for survival, too
Beat up, scratched and bruised

You stand up to men
I've seen you fight them, too
You know just what to do

You throw your right hook
You knock'em out cold, too
And then you take their wallet, too

Yeah clipper blues
Clipper blues

You know when
The writing's on the wall, you do
You know when to run and hide, too

And so make a living
The wind on Soho blue
Well stealing is what you do
Well clipper blues
Clipper blues (x4)

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