[Diego Money & Famous Dex]
Ice, ay, ay (PLUG/Dexter)
Ay, yeah, ay (Dexter)
I just, I just (DexterDiego)
Ay (DexterDiego)
(DexterDiego like what)
(DexterDiego like what)

I just poured up a deuce
Inside my fuckin' drink
Ice, water, diamonds 'round my neck
We just not the same
I just get that cash nigga and I run straight to the bank
Flexin' on these niggas
Don't care about what they think
I just run right to the bank
100K made me faint
Smoking on weed with the dime
Looking for Wock, someone show me the drink
And I be fly like Peter
I get that money, no meter
Five bunnies like it's easter
And they do coke, they turn into eaters

Your bitch, she seein' my jewels
Then she get wet like a pool
Play with us then we gon' shoot
Pull up I'm droppin' the roof
Diego you know I got juice
Take your bitch then she get loose
You wish you could be in the loop
You know that I'm chasing the loot

You know, I'm chasing the loot
Dude, she be hot like some soup
Call up manman you know he gon' shoot
I got my 30, no proof
Spitting fire in the booth
Poppin' pills like a fool
I get that money I swear it be blue
All of my hunnids they blue
All of my hunnids they new
New Margiela's for my shoes
Nigga get hit up with tools
Nigga won't be in the crew
Diego and Dex, who is you?
Young niggas, we breakin' the rules

Dexter Diego
Dexter Diego like what
Dexter Diego like what
Fuckin' your lil' bitch
I swear she a slut, yeah

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About "DexterDiego"

On ‘'DexterDiego’‘ Famous Dex and Diego Money hook up for the second time (first time being Serenade.)

In the song, both rappers rap about their luxury, women, drinking, smoking weed and more.

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