Give what you wanna give me
Just don’t back down
When I think you’re worth the while
Give what you wanna give me
Just hope that now
Baby we could speak about our many problems

[Verse 1]
It was never bout us when I call your phone
Hit a dial tone guess you wanna be alone
And at night when im popping a xan
I guess i'm mad
When im thinking bout my motherfuckin' baby gone
And then I called your daddy
And I asked him
I wanna meet the family
I wanna friend them
And then you called back
And you told me
You know what
Ima stop
In my mind then
Then you played my heart
My god rise
And i'm praying on my demise
You feel
Then i wonder why i get it
Am i really feeling
Like i'm
A mission
Im feeling my dealings
Then i murder
On the track
Like cops
Along lines
I tried my times
Feels like im alive
When the numbers
Sign across our lives
Bet you know
That you made me dead inside
Everything they knew about us
(just don’t back down)
Was everything I loved about you
(when i think you’re worth the while)
You never really knew about trust
(just hope that now)
I guess you never meant to say the truth
Whats happening

[Verse 2]
My problem
You acting all dumb
And im speaking out
(whats happening)
You feeling like playing
I'm taking the pain
You been dealing
Ya' bitch I’ve been freaking out
(Whats happening baby)
And I left you
You wasting my time
I made out a fool
And I watch as you cry
(whats happening, everything is happening)
You feel the emotion
Thats coming through
Closing your flow in
Like i'm in a ocean
I search for the coast and...
Everything they knew about us
(everything they knew about us)
Was everything I loved about you
(was everything i loved about you)
Give me what you want to give me
(give me, yeah)
Iv'e been thinking lately


(Everything, everything, everything)
Give me, give me, give me yeah
(Everything, everything, everything)


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About "Bout Us"

Bout Us, while based off the pain and frustration of a girl, shows the longing for a perfect and desired love that isn’t quite there

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