Be Free

Real Friends Freestyle


(Be Free)
Yeah, Yeah
Bad decisions, all that happen for a reason
Never fathom, taking action
We be trappin tis the season
Kill you with the real shit
Still hurt ya when im teasin
Rollie ice on the wrist
Be free is be freezin

Little chilly, spit some fire tryna even out
Plottin and we schemin now
This the shit they dream about
No offense, pretty boy defensive, triple team ya now
Selana can you hear me now?
Conceited know the meaning know
Off topic, when we chill on island tropics
Halter tops be microscopic
Mix the henny with hypnotic
Smoking chronic, and its more than periodic
Foriegn women, so exotic
Never w(rap) it how ironic

Play it safe but taking risks is how we winnin
Think i won like 20 games but only pitched a dozen innings
First word, chapter one this is only the beginning
(this is only the beginning)

Married to the game, like the lord with his ring
You prolly heard the name
Im not ignored, im a king
Worry bout the fame, bout look foward to some things
Like some women, little power and the mula ching ching

Ive been thinkin and drinking
Battleships they been sinking
Why is my phone never ringing?
Why I'm alone when im singing?
Can't even make up my mind
How my gon make me a livin'?
Love when she shake her behind
I hope the lord is forgiving
All just a lie
Let me tell you true meaning
All these closets been cleaning
Double cup when we leanin
When we hungry, we eating
We put in work until completion
My ting is a queen
And she can suck more than decent

Never trustin but some friends they feel just like family
Not talking bout the ones that take the bus or driving camrys
1st date, women asking "will you marry me"
Id rather grab on mammarys, that turn to grand slams to me

Little famous with bracelets
So girls be naked and wasted
Run the bases, but gracious
While you so basic lets face it
You following shots w some chasers
All your rhymes need erasers
You turn the pages in phases
We getting faded and faceless

She say its been so tough to get a hold of me
She say she want some diamonds and some gold from me
She sayin can you give your heart and soul to me?
But you know theres no woman thats controlling me
Got the ball, 1st and 10 lets try to air it out
Guess its coincidentally that these bentleys all i care about
Tryna make a couple songs without the swearing now
So the kids can hear the messege
And theyre moms can stop theyre caring now

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