Taken to this land
Filled with strange and chilling visions of the past
(All life, all things too old to bring)

Tainted to the core
Kept alive for far too long
(Spirits fading, yearning, waiting)

Beauty hides a face
Scarred from failures leaving worlds barren of life
(You will know pain, know fear again)
Such tragedies have stained
This place, will history repeat again?

Follow the ghosts of old
Fulfill destiny completely
Fear not, all will be clear
You'll realize you're on your own

Strike up the people's cries
Your purpose is of destruction
The time's now, your cause is clear
Remembering all you'd once known

Unsettled thoughts
Faint whispers that this is my place of birth
(There's an other darkness, brother)

Could these crystal walls
Be traces of memories?
(He's coming, but his soul is filled with nothing)

The things in my head
Rushing past my eyes, confusing all I know
(Destroy living crystal, redeem...)
Two stories that this body leads
When only one can be real

[Chorus x2]

Remembering all you'd once known
(Remembering all you... know)

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