Auditorium - Genius Users Cypher


[Intro: Kydd Karma]
You now have front row seats
To the craziest freestyles on the throwback beat
Go ahead y'all and throw it back on the beat
Haters cry themselves to sleep
Geniuses thrives even as the lemon squeeze

[Verse 1: GothicM]
Yo I hit the bad place - I couldn't get up
Quitting in dis-grace - it wouldn't let up
But my people saved me - they raised my head up
How could I lose face - when I was held up
Your spirits all moved me - and now I can't stop
Advancing at full speed - I'm like a bad cop
Word to the bad guys - I mean to fright you
The best of the gadflies - I'm gonna bite you
[Verse 2: BS-Calrissian]
I wanna fly fast I move my ass off the ground
Totally unbound let the mind be free, check the mighty sound
Take it ease, slide to the right side, right now
Write down the silouette of your life in peace
Round up the edges if you must, than stretch it and strive
Restless, to the spot, where stressed mess
Is dropped, minus missing spots, or leaving shit forgot
I make it hot, let the pressure rise to the top
On the real, I don't think our lifes have a meaning
Who needs something like that, may to get a good feeling
Or a stimulation from believes that aren't founded
The situation doesn't provides any proof that's grounded
Matter of fact the faith can relax, makes the fear quit
The problem with believe is that you never know shit
The smart may be certain, they say wisdom is the cure
But the wise know that only dumb know shit for sure

[Verse 3: JFKray]
My status an accretion I’m brighter than a blazar
Schwarzchild radius tighter than my days are
Completion of my mission show to turn on and go off
My spittin puts you down clown and now your cro’s lost
A modern day mugging, solemn prey thuggin'
‘for they get caught cause the bottom slay nothin’
I stay trustin my closest dawgs lustin these riches
So I guess we’re similar because you stay trustin bitches
The beat switches and I’m greener than a pitch is
In this modern day eco friendly business game
I turn up the bass and ball out on beats
You chase the case and fall out with heat
Keep in your own lane you love your cousin Jane
Cause you’re heading south and you’re letting out shame
Name one who does it better, manipulating letters
Articulating greatness they hate this Vendetta
That I’m holding against MCs on their knees shit please bitch
My deed to the streets that I’m scolding all these tics
I’m limestone growing from the foam
The aragonite unite once grown for they own
Purpose, that of which to hurt us
A clerk is my work bitch they line up to murk us
Semantic fields more natural than the crops
Getting bread and feed the cheese to the cops
No one rats out on the big time boss man
The race is really finished when that thin line’s crossed damn
[Verse 4: KenZin0]
Time passes by like blunt ashes
So high, I might be an addict
Eye lashes wide, my mind's absent
No cognition, thinking just static
Flow automatic though so sit back
And listen to the magic, I hit the track with
No lab coat is on when I rap, but
I break down the beat to pieces like atoms
Kill foes with my flow, it’s so tragic
Talk shit I’ll pop you like Aspirin
No speed boat but I’m still the captain
Old school shit like drive-bys from wagons
No Turtle Man but this rap is live action
Get back I might just start snapping
Come close and I’ll close your casket
Thought you knew I’m a lyrical assassin
So sit back and study how I make it flow
Rhyme scheme obscene with all these syllables
I paint scenes, my dreams become visible
I’ll rob you of your self-esteem, I am a criminal
You try so hard, I exert the minimal
No copy, I am an original
Your bars are far from non-fictional
Rapping like a mythical poet, you’re fucking pitiful
God damn I can’t stand the fake shit
My game is plain but still amazing
Think I’m playing 'til I take the girl you came with
Heat that bitch up then use her like a blanket
No foreplay, I have no patience
She opens wide like a dental patient
Leave her pussy with a sign that reads “no vacancies”
And she swallows me so shamelessly
She can take a dick so tastefully
She can do the walk of shame gracefully
She was working so tenaciously...
I painted her face with my unborn legacies
[Verse 5: Golfhampton]

My bitch is the baddest
Your bitch made of plastic
When I see yo bitch, my dick turn to elastic
You're a fucking spastic
My raps are so fantastic
You a dumb hoe
Suck my toes
I ain't touched a dick yet
Whaddya know

[Verse 6: Pgback]
Lead bullets spread, hit dead at the head, all races, all places, unite,fight for the rights and light
So go load those on hold with bold support not holes
Lend a helping hand as a friend and run an errand, why lend violence?
Times are changing
Rhythm and blues
Rhymes and production
(Times Are Changing)
I hear em with booze
Slime and Reproduction
(Times Are Changing)
Donald Duck to Donald Trump
Get up, Fuck McDonalds Ketchup
At least, please these deceased don’t freeze the peace and increase the beef
Feed Obese the least feast peas and yeast. Health before Wealth ,Needy before the greedy and this is the finish of this auditorium speech

[Verse 7: A-Sean94]
I despise these situations
When they look upon me in the hallways and see
A scrawny and spectacled Asian
Garbed in sweatpants and a hoodie
And nothing less, I must confess
That I often wonder why they’re obsessed
With judging only by appearance
And not what the defendant has experienced
That’s why they won’t know shit about the person in question
Due to the fact they stay blinded by the curse of misperception
In truth I care nothing for materialism;
I learned long ago that life is a maze
Where the walls keep spinnin’
And I’ll prefer to navigate it
While the others gaze at fine linens
Flashy garments won’t get you too far
In a world where individuality defines who you are

[Verse 8: Donny_Danko]
The outcast cast out as doubt starts to burn
And in turn rises like an ash cloud of hash mound
We pass round our people, fast bound to getting fucked up
Beyond all retrieval, 'cause when we get it hooked up
We call it street legal, yo that shit is lethal
There's no one who's my equal and my people never faking
Making music for the lifted and the consciously gifted
And anyone with intelligence to have ever existed
Sick and twisted, borderline sadistic
Finna slit my wrists, call me the nihilistic misfit
So when they hate on me I give 'em more to despise
Little kid gone savage, Lord Of The Flies
It's that that molds the person I've become
The reason I could never hold these verses on my tongue
If you're waiting for the day I say my work in this is done
You can hold your breath until it's bursting out your lungs

[Verse 9: Clay Cockrell]
Uh, CC
Uh, cypher verse ain't got no adlibs
Yeah, but before I get to rapping
Ayo Madlib, hit us with the loud shit
Yo, I'm most definitely the best MC
Burning beats like effigies
Slick Rick hits important to rap history
Still inspiring, how he ran it like refugees
In these bars I'm penning
I'm setting the records they spinning, I'm winning
Killing and thinning the competition
With rhythms comparable to the legends
Allegedly putting them on the ledge of the, best decision of they life: suicide
It's do or die, but who am I? The new guy on the block
Your girl said she was feinding for some new cock
R-E-Double L cause she know I definitely excel
She said the tongue fast as hell, no way he can fail
A few years, she'll be copping the Freshman XXL
Hell, you can't deny it, I'm the finest
The flow so sick it probably end with -itus
I'm just the titan spitting tight and rhyming so eloquently
The best evidently, and if you question me, here's the evidence G
It be CC repping BV and NC, spitting on RG, uh

[Verse 10: ThaHipHopHead]
Welcome to the auditorium, of our little forum
Cold blood runs through my veins, I spit for some
People who doubt me, and wanna forget about me
My music is like genetics, it’ll be passed down, G
Been a long time, still got strong rhymes, fuck the bar line
I’m Columbine, minus the suicide, so just homicide
I rape the track, like Zeus did to his mother
Cut you snake motherfuckers, I’m my own brother
And my own father, self-made is an understatement
I made myself from clay, like God made men in Bible ages
Hook in listeners with my lyrics like readers with a title page
A vital sage, you know I set the bar higher then the Eiffel, caged
In a cave is the man known as Triple H, Hip Hop Head
Removing all skepticism that Hip Hop’s dead
I come through on your track, spell doom for the wacks
That’s D-O-O-M, MotherFuckers won’t leave intact

[Verse 11: Athy]
What the hell is going on here you cornpuff, is this trolling? Fucking low testosterone weakings are all over this forum, just because you tell people you are apathetic or totally withdrawn of emotion, don’t make you though or an alpha male. It shows your insecurity though, you don’t believe you’re alpha so you announce that you’re that misperception of alpha male you have, it takes one to know one and you’re looking very unfamiliar. An true alpha male knows his social position and acts accordingly, that is to be some sort of common denominator. Beacuse knowing ones soical rank will have you acting more confident and get respected by both parties even though you strongly disagree. You’re pms breakout also shows your low social skills, he didn’t say anything provoking. You’re a cuck

[Verse 12: gamemast15r]
I write down these lines until the end of time
Until I’m 69 I can flow and bend these rhymes
2017, I’m hitting the clouds with the Ketamine
And all I can think of myself is that I hope I have better dreams
Hope, that’s the shit that’ll burn your soul more than Ether
It’ll make others wanna turn you to prophets like Saint Peter
My detractors wanna sew my mouth shut with needles and thread
But this the same mouth that’ll riddle you with bullets, bleeding in bed
Finally JFK came back with a cypher
Now I can cancel my plans to go erase his ass with a sniper
Slick Rick god, the mos def storyteller since the beginnin’
Kendrick is fire but Slick Rick still alive so he’s winnin’
They say everything is complicated til' you bring it to the basics
And when you rise, you kick shit like you’ve been living in the matrix
Stay true to the game, as when you roll the dice
In the end, you could win this fucked up game of life

[Verse 13: Almighty U-Sorcerer]
Invite the bitches, we can have a tea party
JFKray and the assassin, Lee Harvey
Numbers on the boards, like my name is Steve Harvey
Had to eat the beat because my mom said eat hearty
So now I'll eat your heart, niggas come like the Thuggee's
Fuck around with scorpions, these niggas gon need Huggie's
But either way, y'all gon get diaper rash
Y'all just clone each other flow, who do I fire at?
Rhythm and production, my life is Mamma Mia
You can hear me with the shots, no onomatopoeia
These snitch ass niggas got me on home arrest
When I come back, I'mma cook these niggas for Oktoberfest
And I'mma eat 'em like a dessert dish
They fuck around, I feed the rest of them to Albert Fish
You a J. Edgar Hoover, I'm an Edgar Allen Poe
Y'all at the auditorium doing a fucking talent show!

[Verse 14: Automic]
My lyrics swarm you like invisible goons
Stripped and abused never question if it's fiction or true
Enemies sink in mud as they're slithering through
Picture their doom with each syllable I spit in the booth
I'll never be sorry for what I'm driven to do you fucking do Gooders boo me until you sit in your room
And as you look in the mirror your insecurities' true
Coz the man you sees me, not what your similar to
Rap genius, I stab genies till they
Grant me three wishes in obedience
I think quickly then I sink whiskey
Only one answer hits me and well, it is easy
One, two, three bullets for you
One in each knee till you cry for the end
That's one bullet left you want it right in your head
But see it's three days til you bleed out or die from the lead
So I leave the last for you to pick up instead
Attempt to physically inject it into your head
Pressing it in I know you wish you were dead
Exit the room as I picture the rest

[Verse 15: SelloTheRapper]
Exit the room while you picture the rest
Im still inside yea they fucking wit a vet
Emergency room cos i ain't fucking wit a vest
I ain't gotta go into detail to know who the best
So imma get off that high horse
Nun sweet on this quest no phife dawg
Main event shit no side brawl
Electrify shit when im on that kite dawg
These nigguhs suckin like lypo
Say shit then they take it back blame it on a typo
Knife at your tweet my dude im psycho
Eye of that cyclone
Gory, tarantino imagery
Have em acting finicky
I stay within proximity
Wish to fight? im in your vicinity
Call me jidenna, chief never run from anything

[Verse 16: MechaGarfield]
Not pointing out a cliff, but I’m callin your bluff
Guarded, 5 men, same suit, call it a flush
My rap put steel to they wrists and I ain't talkin no cuff
Epeleptic, I got em just noddin and stuff
Ow! Ow! Ow! Cattle prod to the tough
Ambitious for 100 bill cause a drop ain't enough
You ain’t stopping the cut, blod clot ain't enough
Uh! And since they soft they spillin cotton and blood
The janitors due to start moppin it up
In the wrong place, this is not where you front
You make the sun orbit , you do not and you suck
They start coughin then the coffin is up

[Verse 17: SelloTheRapper]
Im sorry for my last verse that shit was whack as fuck
I was a white boy lashing out tryna see if i can get tatted up
So now its - batter up
Coming at your oesophagus
I ain't tryna scare ya so ill get sorta nuts
So to all yall forest gumps good luck catching up
Its that rapper dude from a different country
But i spit that smith and wesson like the US arm me
And youll eat em up since you so fucken hungry
So im - shooting midgets just to show that life is short
I ain't claiming sons since your moms a whore
I ain't smashed she just gave me head thats all
Sorry - not to get too personal
Pack away the arsonal
Typical rapper like you gon lemme smash "or nah"
She a dime only cos that assanine
Lemme hollar only cos i get asinine
Fuck around then its murdorous, school of death - columbine
I fuck her raw only cos we got a "common" mind
You know? poke her face
Eat that fish she eat that steak
Beat that cake then she call me rap god just to kneel and pray

[Verse 18: Hoshi]

[Outro: Kydd Karma]
Don't audit the auditorium
Flow, flaunt it to the floor feeling it
Don't you go
Curtains close, but
Don't you go
Where'd you go?

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About "Auditorium - Genius Users Cypher"

The genius users rap over Madlib’s classic beat “Auditorium” off Mos Def’s album The Ecstatic, which dropped in 2009.

Album Artwork courtesy of @Creepinbehindyou

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