Ali Tomineek

World Famous


And it's the #OneTake

Back up in it like a driveway
I hope you hearin' what I say
I know the wordplay kinda give 'em migraines
I put lyrics so you cannot get it sideways
Still might cause I turn it up
Man I kill mics I'm a murderer
Now I feel like I should burn it up
Show time, pull the curtain up
I'm remarkable, y'all just washable
But they heard that I been permanent
Ooh, merkin' it
Don't think I ain't work for this
Spittin' like an under cooked burger is
Woah, dope
Verses like 31 percocets
No don't try to keep up I don't wanna hurt your neck bro bro (woo!)
Hoppin' on the beat like a pogo
Ali Tomineek man, I go so loco
No apologies, check the logo, oh no
'Bout to go around the world, lookin' like a yo-yo
Yo yo, check 1-2, can you feel it
When they get to spittin' man I swear that I don't get it
Listen this A1 stroke, Y'all different
I'm lookin' at you silly, What you talkin' 'bout Willis?
No fiction, you witnessin' the realest
The whole nine yards, my god, five bars into one
Flow deep, lines all weigh a ton
Megraton, 31
My squads die hard, Bruce Willis
Flip it
*beat change*

[Verse 2]
They just might have to revisit
That last bar, cause like Atlanta, I think they missed it
Listen I feel like they really don't catch it
Cause check it, I'm over they head like a Falcon
Truth be told I make this look just like the Super Bowl outcome
You're coming up short, man
Better not get on the court
I know they missin' the point
Kill 'em all just for the sport
Ballin' like Jordan
Run it like Usain
Got to get you a new lane
Cause I'm too flame
And I notice they do hate
But I'm brushin' 'em off I don't need any toothpaste
Y'all too late
Cause I already know who I am, I do not care what you say
I take 'em to church with a verse I just gotta go pick up the hearse and a bouquet
To get rid of they corpse, no diggin' 'em up
I'm Mr. Shakur, I'm hittin' 'em up
You diggin' it bruh?
I don't need two takes, I did it in one

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