I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it fast
Forget the people who are in my past
Unless they can introduce me to
Some Hollywood producer who

Can help me skip some steps along the way
And make a name for myself here in LA
Then laugh at the people who can barely pay

Their car, their gas, their acting class
Their rent, their bills, their weight-loss pills
Their gym membership, their pecs, their tits
Their $70 parking tickets
Fuck everybody it's easy to see
That no one else is as deserving as me
I've put in my time now it's time for my time
Why isn't everyone waiting in line to see me?
What about me?

I'm working 60 hour weeks
Driving back and forth between the Hollywood peaks
At night I start my moonlighting
Taking names and networking

If I'm lucky I get a couple hours of sleep
I count calories and carbs every time I eat
But that's the price you pay to stay skinny and chic

Just ten more years of trying my best
Until I am an overnight success
Think I'm going insane but you'd never guess
Because I suppress all my fear and stress

I'm trading my life for the life I adore
Completely forgetting who I was before
I can't wait til I'm famous and finally there
I'll have everything and nobody to share it with
It's gonna be awesome
I'm stuck in traffic but it's okay
This isn't my car but it will be one day
This is my apartment
I only pay twelve hundred dollars a month

It's been 10 years and I'm still here
Any second now I'm gonna get that phone call
He's gonna say, "Hi I'm a top notch guy
Are you ready to be paid way too much money?"

And I'm gonna say "I been waiting this day
For 9 odd jobs and too many birthdays"
But that hasn't happened yet an I'm 38
And I've started doing drugs to pretend life's okay
It's gonna happen soon, any second now
I'm gonna be alright don't you worry bout me

Cause soon you'll see
This was all worthy
Of all my money
And identity
And friends and family
And getting married
And having babies
And being happy
And eating weekly
Selling my body
When everyone sees
That I'm more important than them
I just want to be loved by everyone
I just want to be loved by anyone

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