Lee Scott:

There’s nothing in the room but an open window and curtains blowing
On this giant spinning rock like "Where we going?"
I tried to drown me sorrows but they grew gills
A never ending story even though we munched the blue pills
Shunning the rules I got the skills to pay the bills
But I choose to use the money on booze
Drinking with an ignorant motherfucker's intuition
Some gold would really complement my sunny disposition
Sitting wishing, eyes closed but i’m not kipping
I can’t sleep I can hear me body clock ticking
Mind blown in the second wind
Dreams are screwed up like urgent payment requests and binned
Like this shit's not worthy of recycling
I’m Nickelus F - 'Triflin'
Sitting in the sky again, idling
The finished product of my environment

Yo I remember when my mother used to sing to me
Now i’m feeling like michael with the wind machine
Am I awake or asleep or somewhere in-between
It seems thats the only way that I can live the dream
I do the same shit in every single video
I paint a perfect picture but it isn’t pretty though
High noon I be cruising in the whip
I accidentally might be the greatest human to exist
They tried to shoot me but they missed
Now I’m somewhere in the river Styx canoeing with your bitch
I’ve never seen a sunset as beautiful as this
You do it for the money bitch we do it for the kids
And the money and the whips and a long list of things
That I really don’t need but it is what it is
I’m on a cliff contemplating why
She be hanging on my arm like she wants to stay the night
Remove the bra that’s some breast taking scenery
Being me thats the best way to keep it g
I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture
But I just count paper in a state of inertia

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