Living the dream
Is what I live for
To one day achieve that very dream
To live in a utopia for the rest of my days
And to God I pray
That there is never an end to my days

This little mind of mine
Could take me beyond the enclosing skies
Lead me out of the lies
Lead me towards the light
Your fantasy and mine
Can be made one
Link together by the strength of our bond
I swear I never meant the things I did wrong

As I fell asleep, I saw you in my dream
You whispered to me, "we are here together
Being in this fantasy, we are the same"
Let's stay together in this dream forever
And never wake up
Cause I don't wanna see the light of day again
If I can live forever in this cosomnium
In this beautiful dream we share
Linked by our intangible bond

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