What we got here
Motherfucker, get the fuck outta here
If you don't, I'll start firing shots
Let me load em up

[Verse 1]
I'm going gold and my shit is sold
Body bags are on the fucking road
Kids playing around move as they're told
B4 getting ran over crushing every bone
I'm the fucking last man
Like Orlando residents calling for the ban
(Like What) the assault rifles sold for a 100 grand
Settle the beefs, oh we past that
Like chasing down every Trump Supporter
Like he wants to build a wall on the Southern Border
In a quarter year, in a quarter time, we showing every reporter
When they ask about gun control, they kept saying they had a mental disorder
Wire tap every single enforcer
I already got the new order
(What's the order) We protest in front of Donald Trump
His rallies is in Texas, we have to bump
Take their cars like the GTA, now we about to jump
On the top of the police cars, look like Donald is gonna have to dump
(That's why I don't like Donald Trump 2x's)
News like the fucking Orlando Shooting
Omar Mateen knows what's he using
AR-15, he's executing
Orlando's top 50, now they're losing
So many lives, people condemn
When Mateen's wife started to confess
Like celebrities crying like it's a mayhem
Somebody wanna check Mateen's brain stem
Like a lot of people started crying
Because the shooting like it was terrifying
A lot of states started clarifying
(About) gun control without notifying

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