It's another day in Los Angeles
Beverly Hills to be exact
Today, I decide to take my new Rolls-Royce Wraith
I leave my multimillion dollar mansion and blend in with the morning LA traffic
Usually being in traffic is not a pleasant experience
But when you drive a 260 plus thousand dollar car with a 6.6 liter twin turbo V-12, a 13 thousand dollar starlight headliner option, and complete sound isolation from the outside,
It's kinda hard to pay attention to what happens outside
I stop at a red light
Holding the bespoke hand-stitch leather steering wheel with one hand
And adjusting the air conditioning to a cool 68 degrees
And I notice this guy in a third gen Honda Civic
He's staring at me
As soon as our eyes cross,
He looks else where
But I can see the look on his face
He's jealous
He wants a car like mine
His girlfriend is sitting right next to him
Pretending to look at her phone
But she is actually taking a picture of my car
I bet he told her to do so
The light goes green and I flow past them
Reaching 60 miles per hour in a mere 4.1 seconds
Not bad for something which costs as much as your house
I get to my destination in complete comfort
As it's always the case when you drive a Rolls-Royce
But to look good,
Its gotta be the latest model
Can't be seen driving around in a series 1 Phantom with the wrong fog lights
I mean,
You can buy those for less than a hundred grand,
That's like,
What I spent in two weeks

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