Snippet of There Will Be Tears (Live Remix)


[Verse: Vic Mensa]
Did I really turn 23 just to see a metal 4 before 24?
Did I just blow it all like a hand grenade in the middle of a civil war?
Am I still down with the same niggas that I came in with? Do they really value my friendship?
Or do the just love the attention?
Not to mention my girlfriends, what went wrong, did they do me too right?
Am I the same as the snakes? Is the past coming back to bite?
Did I waste too many days? Did I fight too many nights?
Will they love me when I die?
Will I ever learn how to fly?

[Hook: Mr. Hudson]
There will be tears I've no doubt
There may be smiles but a few
And when the tears have run out
We'll be numb and blue, blue

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