Danielle Rodgers

Donald Trump


We ain't gonna take this Donald Trump s***
We ain't
We ain't
We ain't gonna take it
He has no brain
His money should go right down the drain
No wonder why he has no cain
He's so old
He ain't bold
He is the only f***** person I would scold
He want fame?
Ain't gonna happen cause he's lame!
Need to be tamed!
He make people feel ashamed!
His speeches suck
I bet he's friends with a duck
Whats nine plus ten?
I bet he don't know that joke
I would make him choke
Or hit em' wit a bat
He so fat
I bet he drink so much coke
Racism, he should stop that!
Made Hillary sad
He's the worlds worst dad!
He ain't rad
Why's he so f***** mad!?!

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