Endless (Heels Pt. 2)


Just my EP, but shit sounds better than your discography
I’m flawlessly, taking what’s mine like I was playing the monopoly
And honestly, tell me what those motherfuckers want from me
You wannabes, worry too much about fitting in no-ID-ology

While you’re worried bout your CV’s çy is exporting mp3’s
Listening to my own CD’s and getting higher than the Bee gees
Latenight sitting on the PC’s putting together all the pieces
Looking for what peace is while my hope in peace decreases

Obey your mind with ease it’s easy for me
Even though this is something you never wanted me to be
But here we are doing what we love and being free
2 reasons why I don't need no degree, it works for me
But of course you have to do what everybody does cause you ain’t no different
And of course you have to deal with all the consequences if you think it
If you think about being yourself too much then wheres the difference?
Theres a risk of falling out of the system so why would you risk it?

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