Sittin on top of the stu
I'm ready to be rewarded
For all the things I did for you
But do you know about them?
Do you know about those sleepless nights
And all I had before this?
Do you know about the songs that didn’t make it, still recorded?
Do you know about the love...

Lately I just feel like I changed because of your energy
And everything they say bout you has been fucking with me mentally
Never thought I would be able to say this
But I'm at a point in my life where i feel like being creative
Is more like a curse than a blessing
Cause all the words got me stressing
Almost two thirds are depressing
Verse after verse I'm confessing
Words are just words after all…

Painting a picture, scratching the surface
Destroying my masterpieces - I did it on purpose
Version 2 certain it's worthless
Nervous versus nerveless - do I deserve this?

Lord the power you gave me
The more, the louder, the crazy
Its so important, extorted importance
Importing more love on the daily

But whats more worth the love or the illusion of power?
In a world thats so confusing, (fusing) the above with the our
Father forgive me for my sins and for knowing exactly what I did
Forgive me for the times I sinned when everything was intended
The money I spend at the places I went and I lost my beginning

It’s like I’m running around a white rose cause I don’t know where to go but the answer is right in front of me and I just want to be home

And thats forever

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