Danielle Rodgers

Stupid Busdriver


I hate this bus driver
I hate
I hate
I hate this bus driver
This bus driver has no brain
No wonder why he wants all his money to go down the drain
He gave some kids 20 bucks
Whats he gonna do next, feed the ducks
He is so old
His hair is white
Just stand'in there in the cold
To hard for my sight
I have a might
If he was in a fairy tale he'd be the ugly, no brains, knight
Shout what are those, behind his back
Cause he wear'in ugly girl sketchers
He needs a change in his shoes
Next day he wear nike's
Finally made a change
He is gone now
I need some clues
Did he get a attack?
Did he get a sun tan, wit a beige?
This is strange
If he was a farm animal he'd be a cow

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