Ace (Rap)

Unsettled Feud Pt.1


Verse 1: Ace

It feels like you're testing me/
But everything you do just brings out the best in me/
So rest in peace like an overdose on pills/
You're an ex to see and don't forget what kills/

People talk but don't know whats up/
Let me fill you with that knowledge like a cup/
We broke up because I couldn't commit/
That's something tough to admit/
Keep talking and you'll get split/
I promise that's what you'll get if it's your wish/
I have multiple personalities/
You don't even know half of me/

I could turn your whole life to a tragedy/
And you'll actually meet reality/
It sounds like you've been mad at me/
Making me look bad, you ripped my anatomy/

Speaking on that, wasn't it your favorite?/
Remember when you gave me that bracelet?/
It hurts, because lately it seems like everybody hates me/
It feels like nobody can relate to me/

I feel like an inmate behind the bars I spit/
Playing real life chess I'll put you in check mate/
Confront you about everything you faked/
Then I guess you'll be the inmate in this case/

Verse 2: Lonely Individual

You kicked me off my feet, made me a joke/
While I stood there, and didn't give a fuck/
But I'm not hopping around like a rabbit I'm not gonna choke/ After I rose back up, cause people started realizing. that you're only a fool/
Used like a tool/
Stupid like a moron that dropped out of high school cause you ware too high to go to school/
Trying to rap like you're little T out of black pool/
You don't make sense none of you retards do. You are following the gag rule/

That's all you do/
But there's the golden rule/
In a battle you do whatever you have to do to win/
But my words are gonna make you spin after you feel miserable cause now you wanna be friends/

But I'm not even letting you in my zone/
Gay boy, gets used like a fuck toy/
Raped by a girl, and you didn't even like it/
Never told anyone but me, but you tried to expose me/
So here I go/

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