[Intro: Master Fuol]
Thirsty man

[Verse 1: Master Fool]
Burnt flaco, black-skinned and independent, descendent from Morocco
[?], uña de gato, cat’s claw
Son of a whore rob from the rich, give to the poor, sat behind
A door, government forces. Marry your daughter for sixteen
Horses, bringing in the offers. Big bosses enforce laws
Prosecutors lying, brothers frying on death row
Burnt flaco carry, I raw like utilized by
Executor with my fourteen-shot Ruger
Smoking Buddha from Bermuda. Hakuna matata
Escape like Kenyatta, 37x hoo-ha flocks
And TECs praising amazing grace. My slogan is:
Word to momma, I’ll die blazing like Set It Off. Force you up north
Explosion out of a Trojan horse
[Verse 2: Thirstin Howl III]
Reaching problems, practicing primitive prenatal procedures
Properly pronounced perfectionist provided
Proper [?]. Shoulder shrugs shattering
Shell-shriveling shots shooting shady shadow [?]
[?] Shanghai, shallow, the double-barrel
Dumb bastards didn't beware. Don't be
Dangerously brutalized, demented biologically
Distant biographies, dirty babes, drug rings during robberies
Desperate bandits doing banks and district buses down by the Bowery

[Verse 3: Master Fool]
I need a massage dressed in the city of Dodge. I want to
Live large like the Mack, sip cognac, play blackjack
Cherokee track blesser, peer pressure, but sounding like Carlo Hesser
Professor born planning Nation Buchanan
Laser-scanning your iris, computer virus ‘ttack your
Fiscal account, Kazakh missile from my pistol rip your
Facial tissue, dead the issue—meet The Reaper
One Life to Live like Noah Keefer. Living single
Like Queen Latifah, mingle, smoke reefer across the globe
Or the beach in Bahamas, satin bathrobe
Ice-blue silk pajamas, black velvet slippers
Two chicks like Jack Tripper, watching skinny-dippers
And live strippers
[Verse 4: Thirstin Howl III]
Thirty thieves threatening the thousands of theaters
Throughout Throgs Neck on Thursdays [?]
And Thirsty style states, stadiums, stunning, stam-
-peding students. Struggles of strict strategies stranded
Strange covenants, stupid. Clever clearance clap
Cloudy clowns, clean clothes, click cliques when lyrics are big, thick
Clumsy clothing cluttering clitoris and cleavage
Chickens cheer the challenge champ Victor DeJesus

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