[Produced by Teo Rhode]

[Intro: Brad]
It’s about to pop off right here, aw yeah, you know how it is; Young Money, Beats International, Junior M.A.F.I.A., you know how it is. Aw yeah, this is how we do it, it’s our business right here

[Verse 1: Teo Rhode]
So we’re juniors getting older
Taking Ubers, Eric Holder
I’m wearing shorts out in February
Thought a jacket would be necessary
How’re we getting colder?
"I like the old you better, Raichu"
You know I’m clowning when I write you
I might be roasting on the track
But you never really gotta worry about if we're alright, dude

Of course we’re dogs 'til the end
You always like my Instagrams
Yeah, we’re carving out our lives
But never carving out each other, link me in

Walkin', livin', breathin' god, I know your past well
Hard to believe in Gott-a work for Pascrell
Your blog contributions to the Huff are never late
Washington Square News won’t catch you a renegade
I got more, but here’s the chorus, wait


This is a terrible idea

[Verse 2: Teo Rhode]
Confusing? Let me clarify
I’m saying you’re the dude who’s really shifting up the paradigm
You’ll bust ‘em up at Caroline’s
If you lose your headphones take a pair of mine
True, you had us terrified
But you came back like a prophecy
Let’s take a minute to examine it like Socrates
Journalism or philosophy, I hope you didn’t think that possibly I ever harbored animosity
Anyway, back to what this was about in the first place
Thank you for always putting up with my absurd ways
Forget The Wonder Years, dog these are my preferred days
We’ve been learning, now we’re making impact like earthquakes
Oh, and happy birthday

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About "BeezusVII"

The 2017 verse.

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