Fury | 艾屁艾儿



Annoying ass emcees are nats that I chase off, Annihilating nigga's that want a face off
What I'm spitting the Future yea it's really Wicked man, I hold it down like a deep-throating milf I know ya feel it fam
A skillet, pan.. I stay cooking all you up niggas up, Ya lacking fiber ya'll ain't even worthy for my lunch
Had enough? I'm diverse with all sounds I'll start - Lyrically spitting rounds out my mouth thus ending the round
Rotating gears my mind is like a clockwork, new Gucci watch asking "how does this clock work?"
Whoops I mean watch but it works how a clock works, I get shit done ya'll can tell by my clock work
My moves colossal so they want to see the titan fall, like Titanfall - this titan balls, Football player can't drop the ball
Like the Zodiac I'm aligned with the stars nigga, metalized spit everything I say hard nigga
On my analytics numbers get added, Kit-Kat bars I'm snapping, Lewi just stay up attacking, You ain't in my faction, enemies getting subtracted
Killing careers for amusement, you niggas is stupid, foldable just like a rubric, ass nigga U-haul, This my house, bitch you better start moving
Yea, but I barely have to try I got my tri's closed still I see through bum ass niggas with my eyes closed
Written's are crack but I still kill rappers off the top Tetsuo, don't get close or I'll witness with my own eyes your casket closed
Shell's everywhere, blood rains then pour - Niagara Falls, Hunting for these Stewart Little's I will make the sky fall
If this is your shop I will cause foreclosure, it's over, Lou he stay dropping supernovas
A boulder, I get colder I get bolder, because the internet I got 2 b's Danny Glover
Henry Cavil flyest nigga on the scene - One man army going to need your fucking team, Remember these niggas tried to break my self esteem - now these niggas stay running out of steam
Funny thing this ain't even me at my finest, the king at the throne refer to me as your highness
You need enhancements to match to my likeness, Within 'Vi Seconds' I can flood the whole world like Poseidon
Itis, I haven't caught cause I'm hungry and don't tire, Claim you spitting heat I should set your pants on fucking fire
Opposite of Shiki I get your older sis on my bed, This kids a felon like TMNS I'll take your breath
Gold flow draining phony niggas right out they marrow, Career long distance bitch they call me green arrow - word to Pe$o
Bitches best do what I say so, my flow is straight butter nigga shoutout to Jay Flow
I'm passing my judgement, I'm passing your sentence - It's death.. I'm in it to win it, you niggas is finished - Barfest..
Is nothing to me but an all you can eat , Get out the kitchen if you can't stand the heat
Nigga it was said in the damn prophecy, I'd be digging holes for rappers that I will body clean (yea)
Unlike Will Smith you don't want to start a scene (yea) once again "I'm Megaman X with the beams" (yea)
Nigga's be slick planning to surpass my sound but Like an old Kanye West songs "It All Falls Down"
A battle with Lou get's dirty, I'm bloodthirsty, giving deaths early, A genius, whom you are not worthy
Of being near at all, I'm Hyper Dimensional making ya stay focused on me like Adderall
I kill shit when the time calls, I spit sparks on dynamite blowing up your Lawn
808's still breaking your motherfucking jaw, Ya'll ain't shit bitch I'll still flush you down the stall
Simultaneously causing obliteration and Ragnarok talk to me wrong Ima add a diss right to my catalog (Fury)

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