Beta Boys

Lord Have Mercy


[Verse 1 Drrty Pharms]
Lord have mercy, please don't hurt me
Fuck 500 bitches cause I'm thirsty
Fuck 500 bitches now I'm dirty
Got a squad and they coming from Jersey
Me and [Chelsea?], all females see, as I stumble down the street unhealthy
You can smell me, you ain't gotta tell me
Man, I really need some bitches to help me
So nervous and so unstable
Everyday feels so unstable
I just try to escape from the pain, from the rape
Getting baked, working on my next mixtape
Sometimes I feel like I'm doomed to a life of pain
Girls used to make fun of me on cam
No girl want to be my GF, don't want to fuck cause I don't feel like a man
Sometimes I feel like I'll never live down all the stupid decisions that I made in my past
My ex girl on them Amphetamines, used to wish she'd get clean, but she gotta go fast
In the park smoking on some fireflies
Wish I had to ride-or-die, I'd just get high and try
To suppress the depression leading up to my demise
They don't know if I'm real or just trying to get a rise
But I've lived all the shit that I spit, traumatized
Being fucked by these boys and the lives I've destroyed
But I didn't have a choice, I'm a product of the time
Now these bitches get annoyed when I talk about my life
All unemployed Beta Boys in my cyph
All the normies avoid and they act so uptight
Think they [?], so I make them fight or flight
You can say I'm paranoid, but you know that I'm right
Beta Boys be so tight, you invite us to parties, we decline so poiltely
We smoke weed in the daily and nightly
(Are you high Drrty)
Bitch I might be

[Verse 2: Jimmy V]
Lord have mercy, just please don't hurt me
I'm drunk as fuck and I can't see, I'm swerving
Never learning, but what's the word mean, you know what the plug is serving?
If I can get a three for fifty, I can get my dick up quickly
And I come so slow, and her hair color same color as rose-gold
And I'm blowing nose [?], just to cover all my secrets
And I'm not Victoria, chilling in [?]
So you know that, that you so wet I'm pouring ya
One day I'll get over all the old abuse
But for now I'm getting loose cause I'm use to the groove
Glorifying usage just to have my two cents
Betting on a Dutch, failing with my feelings and you know I roll it up
Skin darker than concrete
Sound waves where my palms meet and my niggas just come and swarm me
All my figures alluded me, money is an illusion
My sister used to beat me until I had contusions, teeth all loosened
And you think I give a fuck about bitches calling me cute?
And get so fucking drunk sit [?]
One day I'll fly and I'll fly up out the coop
When my life ain't poop
But you know that I'm injured
But what is a villain to do, but aim and shoot?
And what hurts worth than the truth?

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