Sanctified (Wikipedia Diss)


[Hook: Mediumjay]
All I ever wanted was my very own biography
Plus the dream chasing it had turned me to a deity
Groupies in the lobby they can't duck this dynasty
Oh God I take pleasure in this life and it's entirety

[Verse: Mediumjay]
Niggas be hating the ol' Jay, they saying the new nigga nigga be crazy
But I've been fuckin so many bitches that my mistress might be your ol' lady
Took time to perfect in my heyday, disrespecting my work ethic lately
No homo but when Beyonce on stage no one seems to be noticing Jay-z
Lames complaining bout the state of the game
Real niggas hate it when no credit to names
Artificial Intelligence caters to fame
So if you poverty stricken than that shit is to blame
Fuck Wikipedia, now listen to Medium
They only want articles dealing with media
Making up lies, conspiracies they'll hide
Amongst the most blatant form of lies
I make music for people who break the ties
Elixirs for God's thats creating life
Elevated hype, simulated flight
Niggas be taking too long to try
Elevator flow with a suite and tie
Youthful eyes get euthanized
Relinquish my sins now I'm sanctified

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About "Sanctified (Wikipedia Diss)"

When Mediumjay tried to establish his biography through Wikipedia they did not let him create a page because “He cannot create a page if he is the author and the celebrity.” What happens next they never seen coming.

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