Ronnie Rockets

In The Way


"In The Way" by artist Ronnie Rockets featuring NIGE

[Pre-Hook] - NIGE

They all in the way
They all in the way
They all in the way, NIGE

City nigga with some big dreams these niggas be all in my way
I done came up with the same team these bitches be all in my face, I can't give them the time in a day cause my main objective awaits, If I shoot 50 shots, bound to make 22 in your face
[Verse] - Ronnie Rockets

You niggas in the way like
Get you niggas out my way like
When I was down you wasn't around like
I fuck my bitch, this is what it sound like
These hoes Got my cell phone jumping like
You gotta trap for what u want in life
You gotta know I got the legs
And I ain't hit her up not once tonight

Told you boys I ain't sold, out here living by the code
I stay a hundred in the game, you like a game that never loads
I've been in the same mode, trapping in the same clothes
The less I drink the more the pain shows , you know how this thing goes,yea yea

Hit that pussy in some Gucci slippers
Call your man now he can come and get you
Keep 'em coming back it's kind of hard to miss 'em
I can a draw crowd when I paint a picture
And that dough that I get makes her reconsider
Threw your demo out, I don't usually litter
I'm a gold nigga, all this gold with us
Give 30 minutes I'll be right with ya

[Verse] - NIGE

Please get up off me, I know that I'm saucing
If you in my way, you can pick out your coffin
I don't do this often, I think you should forfeit
They words that I speak they create their own portraits, like Pablo Picasso my nigga I'm Macho
Shout out to Rockets he showed me the motto
Far from a Drake but don't makes no mistakes
I don't want no more noodles, just steak on my plate
Tough road ahead, but I'll carrying the weight
Odds stacked against me with nothing to lose
Embracing my gift an unorthodox view
Your homies they pick and they choose
Stay on my p's and my q's, don't want to end up on no Tee
Yes it could happen to me, praying it won't
Keep hope alive with some love in my soul
Pain in my eyes cause this world get so cold
Snakes in the grass gotta keep the shit mowed
Real life events every bar that I've told
Sad thing about it I'm just 20 years old
Sad thing about it I'm just 20 years old
Sad thing about it I'm just 20 years old
These Niggas they stay in the way
Ain't dropping the top on no phantom
Planning on winning no Grammy's,just thinking of deep shit, When will you start understanding that I am not average
I live my life backwards like Benjamin Button, but this is no acting, talking about practice these niggas be slacking
Get in the game and these niggas start hacking
A smooth criminal but I'm not Michael Jackson
One time for the king now continue relaxing
Damn, Gotta get back to the rap shit yea
I feel like Rocky, I've been knocked down but these niggas can't stop me
Up on my boss shit , talking some raw shit
I spit that raw shit, shit make you nauseous
I kill the beat and deliver the carcass
Thinking straight through and I don't need a chorus
Fuck up your mind with some double entendres
Witty word play and I love me a Goddess
Lotus so wet man it drip like a faucet
Gotta slow down cause I'm getting exhausted, sike
Up at night man I be thinking like shit
Don't really sleep it's like wasting my time
Working all day is a part of the grind
Rock Art N Sole now they wanna subscribe
This wave that I'm on is the ultimate high
Perfecting my craft 'til the day that I die
And if you ain't know my God damn name is NIGE

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