Che Lingo



Young young young young x2
Still young x2
Young wizard x3
Harry ain't got nothing on me

[Verse 1]
Yo, young wizard with the pen from the borough of Wandsworth
Turning words into money try and guess what the ones worth
Numbers that I've been tryna double 07
No agent and like my peers my mission was the bond first
They sleeping on my wordplay
I'm nocturnal with this hustle
They couldn't knock turn all these heads with a hot verse
180 their opinion
Rappers couldn't stay in my dominion
Stress them out and take their place like an eviction
Niggas bitchin, attitude like a dog turd
Tryna run up in my lane with that energy
Get you Kunta'd I cut that off at the foot like a long skirt
Sick but it's not germs
Slick when I drop words
They go hunting for material like this and now they found it
And they feel me like it's mink or it's fox fur
Skinning bare tee, why? Cause they used to whip us
Now i know some niggas that swap mercs
Fire in my belly don't make me regurgitate
Committing arson every time I turn the page
Get me heated you might find your career in an urn today
I'm warm and they might burn out furnace to early grave
Every time I spark a verse there's a spike in the murder rate
Explosive with these lyrics I blow off these word grenades
I'm way too lit I'm like Zuko the way that I work the flame
Your whole rep can get fried off a turn of phrase
Learn your place this ain't a gimmick
So what do you respect a niggas vision or his image
How do you distinguish between breathing and living
While your thinking about it I'm thinking you're privileged
Where I'm from a lot of people don't get to make that decision
There's a code on the street cause we're just numbers in the system
And there's a gauge on your feelings
A shotty in on your spirit
Only one who'll teach you to get to riches
That's the realist let me finish
Please lord let me finish
Questions on my mind some are bubbling some are brimming
Are your bros really bros cause they rode for one mission
I been thinking
Are these hoes really hoes or just women that love different
I don't judge but these sentences are for life
Each one a major key and I stay off the cuff with it
Young wizard
Young young young young x2
Harry ain't got nothing on me
Merlin ain't got nothing on me
I hate Maleficent she a bad b
Young wizard
Wizard with a pen
Young wizard with a pen

Prior to all of this fire they didn't wanna know x3
Now I'm a higher degrees on the roll
Prior to all of this fire they didn't wanna know x3
Now I'm a higher degrees on the roll
Light a candle for me

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About "Zuko"

The title, Zuko, references the character from popular cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Zuko’s character arc throughout the show is one of a royal firebender transitioning anger due to neglect from family and friends, into redemption and peace once he had found his true self and was appreciated by the new people around him.

This parallel can be drawn in the outro especially, “prior to all of this fire they didn’t wanna know…”, the fire he is referring to is both Che Lingo’s own lyrics and bars, but also the fire used by Zuko in The Last Airbender. Maybe Che never felt like he was appreciated or felt the love he deserved until he started making a name for himself in the rap scene.

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