Finnesse yo dough


Pull up on yo bish fo sho that bish text x n o contemplating yes I know this bitch bad that's all I know, smoke that gas like Texaco jugg the pack finesse yo ho bape all on me that's fo sho make that money on the go

Now I'm pressin up prolly in the mazi truck taking pics don't give a fuck, rollin up that sticky stuff damn, where is yo hoe god damn, she on my sack? God damn roll up the pack god damn make it right back god damn

[hook] yo bish she plotting because I always stack my dough yo bish she want me she prolly wanna fuck my bro my god I'm flexin and BITCH it's Nike on my toes yo bish she topping cause she know it's the way to go


She said memphis baby gimme some of yo time, I said Lil baby you know I can't make you mine, I got to many lil bitches tryna hit my line. So shawty gtf away before I make you cry

So I puff on the dope, Lil baby girl I can't cope, lil bish tried to gimme throat, caught it on periscope, my god she so damn soaked , got clips all for u folk, watch you'll get them scopes, one move and then you smoked
God damn where tf are my racks at Lil pretty bish tried plotting on my back, got the FUCKIN split the pack make it right back my name is lil memph so know I am the guy that...


Hoook x3

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