Caz Cray



Caz Cray, nigga!
Y'all know what time it is
It's time...
(Natsu, why you gotta kill this...?)

[Verse 1]
It’s funny how rappers I’m better than
Wanna pat me on the back and then condescend
Talking bout “You got some talent, it’s evident
You keep on working, you’ll get to my level, Ben”
Like they’re the ones setting the precedent
Talkin down on me like I’m unintelligent
I feel like they’re so disingenuous
Fuck what they’re saying, bitch I’m in my element
Spittin fire in every verse
I’m grounding these rappers till I’m in the dirt
I’m on a wave you ain’t ready to surf
This shit is a breeze, I fly with the birds
A chemist with words, dropping uranium bombs on they cranium
Fill em with Lead, and I’ll bury em (Barium)
[Verse 2]
This ain’t B. Mott from The Outcast
This is Caz Cray, nigga, now you outclassed
Fell off, but now I’m ready to bounce back
Stake my claim in the game, no Outback
I doubt that anybody could’ve seen this
They used to tell me that I was spitting that weak shit
Thinking this rap shit was all pretense
And now these niggas wanna pledge their allegiance
You ain’t seen shit, this my foreword, going forwards
I’m a have you at a loss for words
Four words, I ain’t going back, that’s for sure
Put me at Middle-Earth and I’ll murder (Mordor)
Any song that I’m rappin at
Y’all ain’t fuckin with Cray, nigga that’s a fact
Y’all ain’t hanging with me, I’m an acrobat
And this ain’t a game to me, this is my habitat
I dropped out of school
That’s probably why everyone thinks I’m a fool
Cuz I never listened when they tried to tell me
To stay up in college and follow the rules
Live like a ghoul, get a degree
So I can pay loans ‘til I’m 53
Give up on music and put down the mic
And go work a job that I don’t even like
I don’t wanna die, wondering what could've been
If I would’ve just stuck with the music
So instead of me being student
I’m in the studio ready to lose it
They think I’m stupid, cuz I ain’t follow their path
So when they see me, they point and they laugh
But that doesn't even disappoint me, in fact
They fueling my fire, now watch me attack
I remember the day I was told that I can’t make a real song
Now the complaint is that I haven’t dropped any music in real long
But that’s just how it goes, I worked on my lyrics and tightened my flows
Now everyone knows that this shit is more than a hobby to me, this is what I live for
And While I’m still on the planet, the crown and the throne, I just gotta have it
I know you can’t stand it
The fact that I do what I love, but the truth is you took me for granted
So I turned my pain into raps, and this was the outcome
Stuck in the middle of all of this bullshit feeling like Malcolm
Just something light for y'all real quick, guys
Just a lil snack
Wasteland's coming soon
Shoutout to Natsu Fuji
Real ass nigga

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