Sonic the atomic
I'm brolic when drinking tonic and blowing chronic
I comet the comments section, I'm honest
The bonnet wearing them bitches, the bitches ain't wear the bonnet
I ponder then Ponderosa mimosa, now hear my sonnet:
I'm modifying the game
Magnifying my brain and maybe what's in my pocket
Your bitch's locket got me and her eating socket got D
Niggas talking then flee when I was cocking the rocket
Power up in my pellets, my sour skittles, they sell it
Celery off a cella-phone, smelling like niggas dealt it
Flying up on a Delta, melted into my seat
D-ing another bitch, in reality beating meat
Nowhere to put my feet and I'm watching a DVD
Bumping them CPT niggas I fuck with E
And bitches worshipping E... exclamation
Running for the hills, running for the hills
Running, running, running, running for the hills [x3]
Ah, I'm free

Breaking every paper so you know it's real
Baking in the basement, I just made a half a mill
Racing off the making, I don't need another pill
Raking duckets, put the product in a Happy Meal
Cup of rainbow in the golden arch, these niggas parched
Double-upping at the Women's March, these bitches parched
Bend the pocket for the hidden parts, then I parsed
Caught a glimpse of the Sizzle mark, in the dark

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