This shit gon bang ooh.


This shit gon bang yuh
This shit gon bang ooh

Tell that lil bitch don’t be hitting my phone
Got all these zips and I got lots of coce
Won't sell you shit I leave that to Arco
Fuck on yo bitch no I fuck on yo hoe
Can't kick flip and you can’t ride a bowl
Take quick pic with a fan then I go
That clip click cause it already blown
Bitch get dick she blowing them o’s
Got thick lips like Angela joe
That chick lit like rain to a bow
Thats big ship no thats little boat
My tip thick young daggers ain't though
Drank sip sip I’m pouring a four
I mix this like all of my flows
Dont fit in shit I want the dough
Im living kid go get a bone
This shit bang I already know
Make it rain I’m making it snow
Bring his gang I’m bringing the pope
Take his chain give that to the pope
Now Ima saint cleaner then soap
Fuck what you make fuck what you wrote
Dont imitate cause you gon choke
You don equate you don’t want smoke
Talk but you fake feeling provoked
Walk in the bank now the bank broke
Bitch getting spanked this ain't a joke
Then I get thanks I’m feeling woke
Im under ranked they didn’t know
Ill fuck her face off of the glow
Caught a new case off of this flow
Bitch I need space bitch I need dome
They saying grace got god on the phone
Said stay in yo place and watch yo tone
If you gon hate you get disowned
I dont debate I just expose

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