As an artist, they never expect the unexpected to happen
And then it happens - so
What do you do when you realize your closest friends become your enemies
You move your circle tighter
But what do you do when they shut down your lane?
You create another one
This makes you eternally greater
And vocally annihilates....
(bag of a shhhh) your voice
Your voice is power
Your voice is knowledge
I used to treat my voice different
[Verse 1]
Mythical creatures in front of me, my imagination's compromised (ahh, aah!)
S can be the one to send 'em over edges, let it be televised (hooh, hooh!)
I just left a city full of fake escaping races, i wonder why (why)
Dark nights still shed light, we a roof for the other guy
Kill, kill
That's all i ever really wanna do now days and then
Went to the walls in a small apartment
All alone in my mind, but a small compartement
Gonna break loose even if it drives me crazy
I was nine when i found out i may be
SAVAGE - niggas know i came to place
So i don't trust nobody if it ain't gon' save
When you get the money, everybody wanna get involved
Plot plot make the world pause
Black kicks in a black sweat shirt to mesh
Backyards in the hood we was makin' raps
James (?) a movin', now that hopes to make
And name and play a part to help 'em change the game, nigga
I am not the same as everyone once started men sayin'
Take a nigga back to them brutal days
I was a monster when chips no (?)
I was heartless, regardless of what you say
And i don't ever wanna hear about them jerkin' days
I had my first bitch in a backapack park (bing)
Running 'round with my nigga Richard (skee)
Hit my fiorst blunt with my nigga Tuan (jeef)
Savage ain't broke, don't fix it, leave it (leave it)
Uuuuh i can't fire (ah)
Search no higher (let 'em know)
Uuuuh that's fire (ah shit damn trip)
'Em ain't no fire (talk to 'em)
Hooh hooh (hooh hooh) (na-naa-na)
EGAVAS (EGAVAS) (uh-na-naa-na)
Hooh hooh (hooh hooh) (uh-na-naa-na)

[Verse 2]
Puzzle puzzle, got it cracked and coded, only feels like an inch way (it's close, it's close)
I've seen my momma struggle all her life, i think it's time that we makin' change (yah yah)
Seen a little money from that Uber, let me know that we got some hope
The year of prosperity, i been leavin' positivity - even when i was broke (eeuh!)
Hustlin' my heart it's been a still to me since i was young and i don't ever wanted change
Hoppin' on a kind of rollercoaster that make a nigga loose and even if he shoots to it, is he used to it? (woo woo)
Should have been a world star i while ago, just thought i should let 'em know
But independent artist - shit ain't easy, tell me who got the antidote? ('dote '3x)
Lose it (Lose it 3x)
Lose (lose yah yah)
Loss (loss)
Tell 'em (wait wait cooker)
I been
Cookin' in the kitchen and witnessed all the recipes
Ain't nothing with our melodies, formulate and i better be
Better be with us than all these niggas and copies of clowns
Could been acquired, but i refused to leave it alone
Uuuuh i can't fire (ah)
Search no higher (let 'em know)
Uuuuh that's fire (ah shit damn trip)
'Em ain't no fire (talk to 'em)
Hooh hooh (hooh hooh) (na-naa-na)
EGAVAS (EGAVAS) (uh-na-naa-na)
Eternally great, advocally annihilate
Someone tell them niggas
I'm a
(tell them nigga i'm a EGAVAS 3x)

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