HBK Kidd

Jewelry and Just Dons


[Hook: Payroll Giovanni]
Jewelry and just dons
No peons in my clique, baby just dons
We don't sip that cheap shit, na just Don
They hating but I'm getting money so that's just fine
(My jewelry and just dons, just dons and jewelry)
Jewelry and just dons
No peons in my clique, baby just dons
We don't sip that cheap shit, na just Don
They hating but I'm getting money so that's just fine
[Verse 1: HBK Kidd]
Yeah, yeah, jumping out the Benz, feeling like a million bucks
Point a nigga out if he do this shit like us
Outfit match the Just Don, I'ma wear Just Don
Gold jewelry set and I'ma rock the platinum next time
Niggas write that petty shit, I save that for my teflon
Bless don, winning and you hating so that's just fine
Rolex time say you'll never do no catching up
Standing next to us with floss, put that lil' necklace up
Respecting us, everywhere that we go
In the booth, leave it up to y'all to dance on the floor
Your girl a glancing ass hoe but could you blame blame it?
She looking at me like she wanna fuck, could you explain it?
This the most handsome face you ever seen, ain't it?
Always said I'm real but never had to explain it
It speak for itself and I ain't gotta say a damn thang
Spend a nigga paycheck on this champagne

[Hook: Payroll Giovanni]

[Verse 2: Payroll Giovanni & HBK Kidd]
I'm looking like a kingpin, looking like a king, king
And niggas gotta Google all the shit they see me in
Find out what I spend then spend they afternoon pissed
Balmain fit looking fresher than a brick
Still be in the hood, where I used to serve zips
Don't show my face, if it ain't money, I don't be all in the mix
One chain on, that mean I'm chilling today
That bitch tried to lie, name a nigga iller than Pay
I went from flipping the yay to cop a loud by the crop
Then I signed that deal and had my city in shock
I whip the run all day, don't give a fuck if I chill
[?] bottle, don't give a fuck if it spill
I be on some smooth shit, some heavy jewel shit
I heard he hate a nigga hard, that's how you get your boo hit
Show her ass some new shit, introduce her to the mob
Had that bitch on my head like a fucking Just Don
[Hook: Payroll Giovanni & HBK Kidd]

[Verse 3: HBK Kidd]
Now if my son sittin' on another Don then I'ma spank 'em
Come get you with the star strap strapped around my ankle
I make them get they style on, bitches get they smile on
Bought two the other day, they came up to a thousand
Give a bitch a dial-tone after I hit
I had to hit the block and watch them chase after the whip
I get money, no time to chase after a bitch
And holla at my nigga Prince, he be scratching the scripts
Matching the Fifth with Tru in the club, I can't do it
So I shop online, overseas, to be exclusive
Now who this? Nigga it's some shoes that zip up
With the mink zipped up, give your bitch up
Might as well, that chain you got look light as hell
I'm official, my gold on point just like the shells
I bought my shit to keep, your buy shit to sell
You niggas looking weak, you niggas so frail

[Hook: Payroll Giovanni & HBK Kidd]

Your boys Cashout, my nigga Kid'
Jewelry and Just Dons
You in the presence of dons nigga
Come from a different cloth
We've been doing this shit for a long time
It ain't about the jewelry or the clothes, it's about the nigga putting on

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