Donald In The Distance


Donald in the distance did you lead, did you inspire?
Donald in the distance did you set the world on fire?

Did you sweat for unborn babies?
Did you snap when things got hard
Hey Donald did you, high five with the black boys up on Compton Boulevard?

Donald in the distance did you build a bridge to god?
Did you show the weeping warriors their tears were all for not?
Did you push the scary button?
Did you kiss the foreign men?
Did you eat the sweetest peaches?
Did you camp out with your friends?
Did you make a million dollars?
Did you prove your mother wrong?
Did you rid the world of the boys and girls who just can't get along?
Did you write the tao of justice?
Did you grab her by the lips?
Did you say enough's enough when things got tough you slammed a fist?
Did you grease your rusty belt and make the new world great again?
Oh Donald did you smash the wall around your heart and let the people in?
Go on Donald in the distance
I want a Donald in the distance

Ooo Donald yea

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