The Sky Is Falling Down & I Want My Mommy (Falling Space Junk)


Nuclear satellites
Thrown up in space
Will all burn out some
Day guess where they'll crash

We've been lucky so far
Every toy up there is another Chernobyl
Waiting to happen

Space shuttle blew up again
People drop dead
News says "don't worry"
Then the truth comes out

Since 1988
Every shuttle in space
Has carried 46
Pounds of plutonium

I don't know
I'm scared to care

Enough plutonium
That if it blows
The fallout cancer
Could kill 5 billion people

So now it's over
It's really over
Space junk in the street
Irradiated atmosphere

Fallout covers the earth
Greenhouse so hot we fry
Six months, maybe years
We all know we'll die
So - what matters now?
Nothing matters now
Imagine what would happen
If everyone on earth
Realized this at once

Gonna go loot stores!
Piss anywhere!
Break into people's houses
Play with their underwear

Strew all my prizes in the street
You can't take it with you
Nothing left to do
But go home
And bolt the doors


Let's curl up real close
And tell each other
All the things we still don't know
About our lives

Falling space junk in the streets
Radiation in the air
Nothing left that's safe to eat
The sky is melting
And I want my mommy

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